The Most Advanced Space-Based Propulsion System in Development

The Earth is the cradle of humanity,
but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever...
- Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Founded by a team of top positron and rocket scientists from the US Air Force, SpaceX and Blue Origin.

  • Designed, built, proved and patented the most efficient positron (anti-electron) moderator in existence.
  • Utilizing the moderator they stream cold positrons into a high density target and direct the resultant 1mm degree heat to create a constant propulsive force. Completing ground-based testing in Livermore, CA and Riverside, CA.
  • Designing propulsion systems that are 1000x better than any current technology.
  • Extends the orbital life of LEO cubesats from months to years and reduces space travel at a distance from months to weeks and years to months.
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